Semi Independent Housing

When you move to semi-independent accommodation is is a chance for you to polish and learn your independence skills in preparation for your own tenancy. This kind of accommodation is only available to people aged 16 and up. When you live in semi-independent accommodation you will have your own, lockable room but may have to share other facilities such as kitchen and bathroom. There will be key-workers at the accommodation who are there to work with you to achieve your independence goals. This might mean helping you learn to cook, budget, clean and make appointments. They can also support you to appointments, such as doctors or college. It’s important that you work with your keyworker on your independence plan as you may not be recommended for your own tenancy until you have shown that you are ready.

Sutton work with a number of different semi-independent accommodation providers but we ask that they all adhere to a set of standards known as the Service Specification. The Service Specification was developed based on input from young people in care, the professionals who work with them and national standards.