ENCOMPASS are the service in Sutton who manage housing allocations. When you and your Social Worker or Personal Adviser decide that the time is right for you to have your own tenancy you will be asked to complete an Online Housing Options Form http://www.suttonhomechoice.org.uk. You will need your National Insurance Number to complete this form. You need to check the box that says you are are care leaver and keep a note of your reference number. Once you have done this your Personal Adviser will complete a Housing Nomination Form. ENCOMPASS will then ask for a reference from your current accommodation which states that you have been a good neighbour, have kept the property in good condition, you’ve paid all of your rent and bills and are engaging with the support offered to you. You will then be offered a property, you will only be given one suitable offer and unless any refusal has been agreed you will not get a further offer. You could be offered a property anywhere within Sutton Borough.

Types of Housing Offered

You may be offered a 1 bedroom flat or studio or a two bedroom flat or house. This could be on any floor, on estates or private roads, you may or may not have a balcony or garden.

Responsibilities as a Tenant

  • To pay your rent regularly and on time
  • To ensure benefits are in place
  • To notify your landlord immediately of any problems
  • To be a good neighbour - no excessive loud noise, keep communal areas tidy, be considerate
  • To ensure that your visitors are also considerate of your neighbours
  • To follow the rules
  • To allow your landlord to carry out gas and electrical safety checks


Emergency Accommodation

You could end up in need of emergency accommodation if you are evicted from your accommodation, your tenancy comes to an end or you are asked to leave by family or friends. If this happens you should visit ENCOMPASS at the civic offices and request support. They will assess the reason for you needing emergency accommodation and make a decision about your support and housing needs.

It is very important that you speak to ENCOMPASS or your LCT worker as soon as you feel worried about anything to do with your tenancy or personal finances so that support can be provided to you to prevent you from requiring emergency accommodation.

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