Health Summary

As a Care Leaver, to enable you to make a smooth transition to adulthood and to equip you to manage your health needs we provide you with a Health Summary which will give you information about your health from your health records. 


The Health Summary includes, where available your genetic history; birth history; health and development history; any medicines you take, illnesses you have had, if you are allergic to anything, details of any therapy/hospital attendances; as well as a copy of the immunisations you have received. 


This information will be useful in the future to help you have an understanding about your health history and current health needs and ensure you have all the information about your health history that you need for your adult life, it will not be shared with your GP or Personal Advisor without your consent.


The Health Summary also contains information around accessing health services and will be shared with you in writing, and you can also have the opportunity to meet with a health professional to discuss any aspects of the summary. 


If you are 18 and have not received a health summary, please let us know and we can provide you with one.