What is a Pathway Plan?

It’s important to remember that first and foremost the Pathway Plan is your plan. You should be a part of the process of writing it and should always receive a copy of your pathway plan. It should be written in language that you understand and you can ask for changes to be made to your plan if you don’t understand it.

The Pathway Plan should identify support needs and agree actions to be taken to meet those needs. Some of these actions will be for you to complete and some will be for your Social Worker, Personal Advisor,  key worker or family members.

The Pathway Plan should outline your rights and entitlements as a young person in care/leaving care. You might find it a long document, but that is because it needs to cover certain topics including: a short explanation of why you entered care, who you are and your identity, who has your important documents and a little about your family and friends. It also needs to cover how your needs will be met in relation to education, employment and training, health, managing and living independently and where you live and will live in the future. It should also document support with budgeting and your financial entitlements and agreed actions to be taken. Pathway plans should always show evidence of your input.

Your Pathway Plan needs to be updated every six months and a manager from the Leaving Care Team will read and agree to the plan.